Let Medsolve solve your staffing needs

Simply register your healthcare staffing vacancies with our recruiters and let us find the right person for your requirements.
We take all the pressure off you to quickly find qualified healthcare professionals in the quickest possible time frames to cover your shifts, worry-free.

Rapid Healthcare Recruitment Service

Let Medsolve find your qualified healthcare professionals within
10 MINUTES of your initial enquiry.
Our ability to find you last-minute insured, qualified, successful candidates for short or long term roles is one of the key components of why the large number of healthcare providers we currently work with, come back to Medsolve time and time again.

Make Medsolve your recruitment partner providing service and support beyond your expectations.

  • Staff employed by Medsolve on guaranteed hours contracts
  • We do not charge VAT on temporary staffing
  • 10 minute call back service guaranteed to keep you updated on                    bookings
  • Rigorous Recruitment Process
  • We only take on Qualified and Experienced Staff
  • A dedicated Account Manager will conduct an organizational needs           analysis
  • We work to CQC guidelines
  • Our processes meet your CQC regulations
  • We provide a quality assurance reward scheme for excellent care
  • 24/7 on-call service
  • New staff integration into your team

Let us show you what we can do for you.

Our recruitment experts at Medsolve cover a broad spectrum of employment services ranging from skills matching, temporary employment, maternity or sickness cover and, single shift cover to permanent full-time jobs in the healthcare and social care sector. We also assess candidate suitability for your requirements and offer in-house mandatory and clinical training.
We even go a step further and help to induct your new staff member should this service be required.
At Medsolve, we can provide staff to fill both short-term and long-term positions as needed. Most importantly, we provide specialists who are fully trained and qualified to provide care to patients with specific conditions.

Contact us now with complete confidence and choose our service with absolute peace of mind.

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